What to Expect When you Hire a Professional Painting Company

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Hiring a professional to work on your home is always a new and exciting venture. However, when you have no idea what to expect, the whole process can get a little daunting. Should you get a quote upfront, or do you wait until the job is complete? What services can you expect to have included? A bunch of questions will likely fill your mind, but there is really no need to worry. As long as you are working with a reputable company in your area you can rest assured that no obstacle will be too great.

How Do Professional Painting Companies Charge?

When working with a professionals, you will often start off with a quote for the services that you need completed and come up with an agreement for payment. Shopping around for different quotes isn’t frowned upon, but do make sure that you voice all of your requests when you ask the painters to come up with a quote for you. Otherwise, adding on small details throughout the job could add up to more than you were planning on. For example, if you want to paint all four walls of your kitchen, it is necessary to let the painters know if all four walls will be the same color and if you had any patterns or two-tone ideas in mind. Adding this detail later could actually cost more than asking for it upfront, since the painters may begin to prepare the room to be painted a certain way and then become obligated to start parts of the job over to accommodate your new ideas. It may be easy to forget some questions, but most painters will ask you what you want and what you don’t. So, just be prepared with a clear mental image of what you want the final product to be so that your quote is as accurate as possible.

What if I Have Rough Walls?

Professional painters are used to painting all kinds of surfaces and can definitely handle smoothing out your walls and most other surfaces before painting. Surface preparation is key to the final job looking its best and professional painters know this all too well. Depending on how damaged your walls may be (from hanging picture frames, bumps with chairs, or simply age), your painters will let you know how much preparation is required and if the damage to your walls is beyond what a coat of paint can fix. For example, you cannot expect painters to get rid of that pesky water leak that ruined your last paint job or to make your walls straight if your house is built crooked. However, painters can advise you about how to hide some flaws of your home through color choice or paint style.

Is Peeling and Discoloration Going to be a Problem?

Perhaps the last paint job that you did only looked good for about a year and then it started to peel or change color. Peeling can happen when the surface isn’t prepared well enough or if the products you used were no good. Skipping the primer is a common mistake that homeowners make, but it will cost you in the long run because you need to constantly redo your work. Professionals have access to better materials and can provide better durability and resistance against chipping, peeling and discoloration.

What if I Have a Complicated Design in Mind?

If you have chosen a style from a magazine that is particularly complex, then hiring a professional is going to be the best decision that you have ever made. Make sure to provide a drawing or a photo of what it is that you want and where you would like painting to happen. This way, there is less room for misunderstandings that could leave you disappointed or behind schedule. Not only are professional painters able to make your dreams come to life, but they will also make sure that the final product is neat, crisp, and they won’t paint your furniture accidentally!

Do Painters Only Paint the Interior of my Home?

If you are hiring a professional Orlando, FL painting company, don’t be shy to ask about having more than just the interior painted. These are the best people to have paint your siding, fence, patio or garage. Perhaps your shutters need a fresh coat of paint or your garden shed has seen better days? It is a great idea to ask about these services while you are getting a quote for the rest of your home. It is possible that you could save a bit of money by having it all done at once, since buying small quantities of paint can be costly and you might as well have it done while the equipment and qualified painters are already on site.

Your expectations when hiring a professional painting company should be that you will receive a high quality paint job that is completed with all the best products, no messy edges and that the job will be completed significantly faster than you could ever hope to do on your own. Give yourself a break and let professionals handle every tricky aspect of painting a run-down or outdated room. By obtaining a quote in advance and having a clear design in mind, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the results of a reputable painter’s work.

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