Should I Paint My Doors or Buy New Ones?

Door Painting Orlando

When your home is due for a refreshed style or if you are simply looking for a way to change things up, having the doors painted can be a great option for changing the entire look of your home. It is truly amazing what a different door color or style can do to modernize your home. However, it is not always easy to decide between simply painting the doors that you already have and buying new ones that are already the color and style that you want. New doors can be expensive, especially when they are solid wood or have intricate glasswork. If you already have an expensive door, it can be worthwhile to repaint it so that it looks new without spending a small fortune on a similar door in the correct color. Below are a few aspects to consider when changing doors is something that you wish to do for the sake of updating your home.

Painting an Old Door

Painting an old door is an excellent choice if you already have doors that are the correct size and general style for your home. This is especially true for doors that are high quality, solid wood doors that would be quite costly to replace. However, should you decide to paint the door you also need to consider painting the surrounding door frame, since a mismatched door and frame can look unsightly. For example, if you have a wood door and want it to be white, the door frame should really be painted white as well. If the door frame is severely damaged, then having it replaced can avoid the purchase of a completely new door. When painting the door frame or the door, the door and hinges should be removed so that paint can be applied professionally and evenly to all surfaces. This is an added step of work, but well worth it for the final finished look. After all, installing a new door will still require removal of the old door and frame.

If the old door has a pattern built into the wood that is outdated or if the glass and condition of the door in general are in poor condition, a paint job might not help all that much. When damage is too extensive, replacing the door is usually a better choice even if new doors are not in the colors you want. After all, new doors can be painted too!

Buying a New Door

If you have decided to buy a new door, painting is still a good idea if you have chosen any color but white or black. For example, in most cases, a red door from the store will not match your red walls since there are many different variations of every color. It is important to consider what will go best with the interior of your home before purchasing anything. It can also be less expensive to buy a white door and have it painted afterwards than buying a color-matched door from the store. Changing the frame of the door along with the new door is a great idea since the hinges and latches will need new holes and the frame will need painting to match just the same. If painting the door is not what you want to do, don’t forget that buying a wood door and having it stained an appropriate color or simply varnished is another way to go. This can work well for old doors as well if the wood is of high quality. There are many types of wood stains and they tend to be neutral colors, which makes it much easier to blend the door into your existing style instead of worrying about colors clashing. Overall, painting a door white or choosing a wood stain are the best options for both an old door and a new door if you are concerned about color schemes becoming difficult to coordinate, such as when the furniture in the room is brightly colored or the walls are patterned.

To sum up, painting your doors is a smart way to go, but old doors can be refreshed and made to look new by hiring professional painters. By carefully cleaning the old door and by making sure that it is removed from the frame for painting and that any damage is considered and repaired, an old door can look just as good or better than any new door. An expensive door is definitely worth restoring this way. If a new door is purchased, painting is still the best way to go for a professional look, but wood stained or neutral colored doors are also an option if painting is too much work or if the door frame will match a neutral colored door and removing the frame can be spared. Overall, any door can look great when the right amount of thought and work is put into it!

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