Should I Buy My Own Paint

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A painting project is an exciting adventure, whether it involve painting the inside of your home a new fresh color or the redecorating of your home’s exterior. After careful planning and reviewing many magazines, you have finally chosen the perfect look for your project and simply can’t wait to get started. You may even be tempted to shop around various stores to find the perfect color in real life so that you feel ready to call a contractor to get started painting with exactly the colors you have in mind. As great as this sounds, buying the paint before you call your contractor is almost never a good idea! There are so many aspects of painting that the average person doesn’t consider, and that advance purchase can either cause the final job to be less than perfect or it may prolong the time it takes to complete the job. Some contractors might even refuse to work with the paint brand that you chose.


Even the best sale at your local hardware store may not be the best deal compared to what a qualified contractor has access to. Not only are contractors able to get trade price on their paints, they also know which paints cover a large area in the fewest number of coats, which definitely saves money. After all, what good is a paint on sale that takes three times as much paint to cover the same area as a marginally more expensive paint? Since contractors have so much experience in this area, they are able to choose a paint with the peace of mind that they have purchased the exact quantity that is needed for the job. If buying the paint on your own is something you absolutely must do, then give your contractor a call and let them know, as some contractors are willing to allow clients to purchase paints under their business account.


Perhaps you have found the perfect color and decided to buy a paint that you consider to be high quality, but have you considered that not all types of paint are suitable for all types of paint jobs? For example, if you are painting a kitchen and the chairs occasionally rub against the wall near the table, then choosing a durable paint is more important than having the exact color you have in mind. In most cases, your contractor has access to more colors than the average hardware store for the general public, which means that they can almost always get the color you want as well as the desired amount of durability. No need to be limited to the few high durability colors in your local store!


In most cases, your contractor uses the same brand for the same type of project, over and over again, because they know exactly how the product works in a large variety of situations. This reliability allows the contractor to offer guarantees on the work and they can also predict how much product will be needed for the job with impressive accuracy. This means that they can provide an accurate quote for material right from the get go. Offering a contractor paint that you think is best doesn’t allow the contractor to guarantee the results and they will often make this known to you or simply refuse to use your product, which means that your money is wasted on the product. It makes sense for contractors to refuse certain products as they may have already had a bad experience with the product or they might not want to risk their reputation due to poor materials.


When homeowners hire a contractor, they are also hiring someone who can provide them with a specific timeline for the project so that they can plan their life around the paintjob. When products are changed, the contractor can no longer be sure of how long the job will take for a number of reasons. For example, some paints take longer to dry than others. This can mean longer wait times between coats. In addition to longer wait times between coats, cheaper paints or the paints available to the public can require more coats to achieve the same quality finish and even color. More coats and longer wait times…not a good combination.

Overall, buying your own paint is a great idea on the surface, but when you really dive into the various things that can go wrong, it simply isn’t worth the risk or the potentially wasted time. Hiring a contractor has so many benefits and discussing colors and paint types is actually a huge benefit for those who hire professionals to carry out the work. Contractors can answer any and all questions and they are also capable of making your paint dreams come true in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible.

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