Orlando Painting for Businesses

If you’re thinking your business is overdue for a paint job then so are your customers. In fact, they have probably been thinking it for a while. But there is many other reasons to consider a fresh coat of paint for your business inside and out. As a business owner or manager you must think beyond maintenance and see painting as an opportunity to develop your business and get a leg up on your competition. Because nothing makes a great first impression quite like a new coat of paint. Below we will discuss in greater detail the case for giving your business a new paintjob and some of the things you should consider if this project is on top of your mind.

Modernizing Your Business Image

Looking around at the businesses around you, you can fairly quickly tell which ones have kept up with the times versus those that are beginning to slowly wilt and wither away. Even without ever stepping foot inside! Let’s consider fast food chains for a second. Take a look at the way McDonalds has changed and refreshed their appearance over the years. Their restaurants have completely updated their color schemes inside and out, going from the very bright retro colors to a very sophisticated and modern toned down look. This was not a simple decision for a chain that’s world renowned and recognized for their very memorable style and look. Compare this to several other fast food chains around your neighborhood. How do they stack up against their competition? You will undoubtedly notice that many of them have NOT kept up and it shows. Their dated color schemes and often times poorly maintained paint job inside and outside the restaurant makes the business look and feel second rate. Now ask yourself the question. Where do you see the most customers? Except for a few exceptions, you will most likely see McDonald’s stores full and their competition empty and sad. This presents a very good lesson for other businesses. It is crucial to keep up to date with the changing tastes of your customers and the world around you to keep your image modern and the appearance of your business fresh and clean.

Developing Your Business Brand

In business and marketing your brand is your number one asset. It is the way you communicate with your clients, establish trust, build a relationship and create a memorable experience that customers won’t forget and will want to share with their friends and family. Part of your brand includes the colors you choose for your business. Not just on your logo and marketing materials but also within the physical space your business occupies. This means the outside and inside of your business need to look and feel congruent with your brand image. Take a moment to inspect the inside and outside of your business. Does the paint on the walls, trim, ceiling complement the colors of your brand or does it clash and create a disconnect? Not only this, but consider how important the paint inside and outside your business is. Different colors are known to affect people’s mood and behavior. For example, black is the signature color of sophistication and can make even inexpensive items and locations feel more upscale. Blue is a color that builds trust and loyalty. According to a 2003 study from the Journal of Business Research businesses that had blue color schemes were 15% more likely to get return business compared to orange color schemes. With this in mind, perhaps it’s time to begin thinking about doing a little bit of painting at your business and getting some professional help to make the right choices.

Why Hire Painting Professionals

Painting can seem like a simple task. After all, you could do it yourself by just buying a can of paint and some paintbrushes. However, as with most things in life, things are always more complicated than they appear. Hiring a professional painting company can save you time and money. You can even lean on their expertise and knowledge to help you make the right color choices if you’re considering updating the look and brand of your business. Hiring pros means your project gets done as quickly and efficiently as possible, minimizing the amount of downtime your business experiences and the potential losses of revenue. Additionally, contractors also have exclusive access to higher quality paints, purchasing discounts and proper equipment that makes the project go like a breeze. Save yourself the headache (literally, the paint fumes can be quite hazardous) and hire some pros to get the job done for you.

There are many great reasons to give your business a new coat of paint. Whether it is in need of one for maintenance purposes, for modernizing and rebranding or to even affect the psychology and behavior of your customers. It may seem like a daunting project, especially if your business takes up a lot of physical space but it surely doesn’t have to be if you employ the services of professional painters. In fact, we encourage you to speak with several different contractors to get multiple different opinions and quotes. It will surely help you make the right decision to keep your business growing and prospering.