Orlando HOA Exterior Painting

As a homeowner, it seems like a given that the home can be changed and decorated as the homeowner pleases, but in fact, many homes are subject to approval from a homeowners’ association (HOA). This organization can have a few basic rules or may dictate more detailed terms, such as acceptable patio furniture. When planning an exterior painting project, it is vital to verify what the rules and regulations of your HOA include, since violating agreements with your HOA can cause conflict and may result in fines. The first thing to do when you are part of an HOA is to contact your property manager and let them know about your plans. Next, if your plans are approved, you should contact a professional who can carry out the work at a quality level that is acceptable to your HOA. If your plans are denied, it may also be a good time to contact a professional painting company since they can help you get your project approved or may suggest better color schemes that are attractive to you and the HOA.

Approval Process

To begin the approval process, it is often a good idea to review the contract you have with your HOA. Does it specify terms for exterior painting? Most HOAs will want you to submit your painting plans, color schemes and the materials you will be used as part of the approval process. The entire process can take anywhere from two weeks to a month or more. If your application is rejected, it can take longer to get your project underway. In order to make the approval process as smooth as possible, try to meet all the guidelines suggested by the HOA, such as color suggestions or the requirement to hire a professional. If you are hoping to paint your home drastically different from the other homes in the neighborhood, there is a higher chance of your application being rejected. Consider looking at magazines to choose a color palette that matches your roofing, trim and outdoor décor. When submitting your application, including color samples or swatches so that the evaluator can see exactly which color you are hoping for instead of having to base the color off of a name alone.  

Color Choices

Depending on your neighborhood, the color choices available to you may be quite limited or may be quite varied. Are the homes near you very identical in style and color? If so, you may be required to choose colors that emulate the homes around you as much as possible. For example, if all the homes are your street are beige or tan, it would be wise to select a color scheme that includes tones of beige or tan, but whites, creams, and light browns might also be acceptable. If each home has one bright accent color, it is advisable to choose a bright accent color as well in order to match the style of the neighborhood. Choosing drastically different or bright color schemes can negatively impact the property values in your area, which is why most HOAs won’t approve anything too extreme or different from the surrounding homes. If your color choice has been rejected, a professional can be the solution to finding a comparable color that is acceptable. After all, professional painters are used to dealing with these types of associations and can navigate the more difficult aspects of the approval process.

Professional Orlando HOA Painters

When you are regulated by an HOA, hiring a professional is almost always mandatory because a poor-quality job will not be accepted even if the colors are approved. Having to repaint your home is more costly than having it done right the first time with quality materials and minimal disruption to the neighborhood. In fact, hiring a professional can save you a lot of time, since they can suggest ways to incorporate the bolder colors you are hoping for in a way that will still be approved by the HOA. Having to repeat the approval process can delay your project so much that it becomes a frustrating experience. Many homeowners are rejected because they have chosen colors too similar to their neighbor, which is very upsetting when these colors were assumed to be a safe choice for quick approval.

Although having to meet the approval of your HOA can be aggravating at times, this association in place to make sure that your neighbor doesn’t make their home into an eyesore that ruins your property value. Of course, having the help of a professional is the best way to get through approval and to have peace of mind that the paint job will hold up to the harsh sun and heavy rains year after year. After carefully selecting a color scheme that is unique to your personal style, yet within the guidelines, there is nothing better than knowing that it looks great and that you can enjoy your home’s new look for years to come.

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