Is it Worth Using A Higher Quality Paint?

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Undertaking a painting project involves many variables, which can often leave homeowners feeling confused or frustrated when it comes to the finer details of the job. One of the biggest choices that a homeowner will have to make over the course of the project, other than choosing someone to complete the job, is whether or not a higher quality paint is worth the extra money. When the budget for the project is tight, cutting out some material costs seems like an easy way out. However, reducing the cost of the project is not that simple! Careful planning and comparison of the available options is absolutely crucial to making a great decision. Below are some key points to keep in mind when choosing the quality level of paint to be used for the job.

Long-Term Durability

Choosing a bottom tier paint is an appealing option when the prices are so low compared to their more expensive counterparts, but what are the trade-offs for the low price? Unfortunately, the cheapest of paints may have a very similar selection of colors and finishes, but that does not mean that these finishes will last as long or look as good as a higher quality paint. Of course, the preparation job that needs to be under the paint is a very important factor when determining how the final paint job will look, but a cheaper paint will certainly fade or become worn looking much faster no matter how carefully the preparation was carried out. This is especially true for reds or any color with violet tones, such as deep blues. These particular colors are prone to fading and cheaper paints simply don’t have the same level of UV protection as the more expensive paints. It is not necessary to purchase the most expensive, top tier paint in order to benefit from UV protection, even a mid-range paint will have better resistance to the sun as well as the other elements. This is especially important for outdoor painting projects that will be faced with the most abuse from mother nature. It is also important to remember that the finish of a higher quality paint will look better from day one than a cheaper paint, simply because the chemicals used are better able to provide the desired finish.

Quality Over Quantity

Higher quality paints tend to cost more for good reason, one very important reason is that the paint will typically cover the wall much faster and use less paint. Two coats of paint are pretty standard, and with a higher quality paint the first coat may look as good as two coats of the inexpensive options. If you are using a cheaper paint, it might take three coats to cover the same area if the paint is thinner or doesn’t adhere well to the wall. Nobody likes the look of paint that is darker in some places than in others. Once again, this is especially common with deep reds. When a red tone doesn’t cover in a couple coats, the thinner areas can look less red and pinker when in direct sunlight. In fact, bottom tier paints can require so many coats to cover the surface evenly that the cost of the paint is actually equal to or greater than the cost of mid to upper tier paints. Sometimes buying a single gallon of a paint is better than buying two gallons for about the same price for those reasons.

Maintenance Costs

Once the paint job is complete, most homeowners are happy to have the project settled and are not planning on repainting the surface again any time soon. When bottom tier paints are used, fading is common and complete repainting of a surface can become necessary after only a couple years. Chipping or peeling is also more common, since the paint is of lesser quality. This is only an issue if repainting in a couple years was not planned on. Some companies or home businesses may be planning on repainting in the near future due to rebranding, in which case using cheap paint that will need to be redone is not a horrible option. For the majority of people, repainting is simply not an option and small touch ups of the cheap paint start to become a routine. Of course, this can look very patchy over time and will most certainly end up costing the homeowner more than painting the surface with a better paint in the first place. It always pays to think ahead and avoid unnecessary repairs.

Overall, planning to use at least a mid-tier paint is always a better choice than finding the cheapest paint on the market. Not only will the cheaper paint fade and be more prone to premature wear, but it will also cause the final job to look cheaper right from the beginning. A mid-tier paint is not much more expensive, but will save a great deal of costs down the road and can even rival some of the most expensive paints.

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