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Painting the interior as well of the exterior of industrial buildings is very important to any business. It gives the company an opportunity to show off company colors and to express the company’s personal style. Also, a modern and crisp paint job on the exterior of the building can help attract customers to your business, while excellent paint work on the interior can impress customers and help gain their trust in you as a qualified and professional company. When looking to hire industrial painters, there are many things to consider before selecting a company to hire. One of the biggest factors that makes choosing an industrial painting company so important is that industrial painting tends to require a great deal of paint work which requires a large enough team and it also needs to be done right the first time, since repeating a large job is never cheap. There are a wide variety of industrial painters in Orlando, but the most qualified painting companies will be able to provide a quote, stick to the quote, and can stand behind their results. Below are a few aspects to consider before hiring anyone to work for your company so that you can guarantee the best results for your company.

Industrial vs. Residential Painting

Of course, industrial painting and residential painting are not the same, yet numerous companies have tried to hire residential painters when it comes to large industrial contracts. One of the biggest reasons why residential painters are not able to successfully paint in an industrial setting is that they simply don’t have a large enough crew. Perhaps the work will still be completed with quality, but it could take much longer than expected and risks interfering with the flow of your building. The products required for industrial painting are not the same as residential either, since industrial products can often be bought in much larger quantities and are designed to withstand above-average wear conditions. Even if a residential painter has access to paint discounts to save your company on material costs, the paints that are available to residential companies are not designed for high-traffic areas. This is particularly true if oil-resistant and slip-resistant paints are required for tasks such as painting a shop floor. In the event that these paints are applied incorrectly or the paints are not even designed for these uses, then the paint could peel or wear away long before the company owner is planning to repaint. The costs to redo everything would be high. Industrial painters are also familiar with any regulations surrounding the painting of an industrial building, so you can be sure to have paint job that is done right and lasts when you hire a professional industrial painting crew.

Hiring A Professional

Perhaps residential painters don’t have enough crew to complete your job on time, but you can find a large number of people to work for you instead. Although the costs to hire many unskilled or self-taught people might seem low at first, the costs of doing so over the long term far outweigh the costs of hiring a professional the first time. For example, skilled labourers that are part of a professional company will be able to complete the job faster due to having access to the best equipment, such as lifts to reach high walls and spray guns to paint a large surface very quickly and neatly. Unskilled laborers risk completing the job without these types of equipment and can even get hurt when working in an industrial setting. More often than not, people who paint in an industrial setting and get hurt will sue the company that hired them because no insurance is in place for these types of workers. Only professional companies can guarantee that all workers are being safe while using the right equipment and in the event that something does go wrong, the employer will not be blamed for the accident since professional painting companies have insurance to cover these types of incidents. It is not worth the risk to have unskilled people complete a difficult job such as painting an industrial building, especially since the final product of the work and its durability are usually far inferior to any professional.


Once you have selected a professional industrial painting company that can meet your needs and timeline, it is always advisable to ask for references to their past work. Have they completed jobs as large as yours in the past? Most of the time, industrial painters have completed jobs even larger than yours and can offer timelines that are impressively accurate. It is also important to see how long ago these reference jobs were completed, so that you can gain an understanding of how long their work typically lasts. For example, if you visit a company that was painted five years ago and still looks great then you are likely on the right track to selecting an excellent industrial painting company. You can even ask the references if they had their work completed on time and what their opinion of the overall service was in general. More often than not, companies will hire the same painting company over and over again once they find the best one for their needs, so it is a great idea to keep an eye out for lots of repeat customers in your area. After all, only satisfied customers will continue to hire the same company every time they require industrial painting.

Industrial painting is truly a field of its own when compared to other types of painting. Not just anyone can take on a very large painting project and be able to plan the timeline, materials and crew necessary, not to mention the specialized equipment, that are all required for the best job possible. Industrial painting companies that have an excellent reputation have likely earned it through numerous successful projects and satisfied clients. These types of companies know how to deal with any situation that may arise and are certainly capable of even the most complex, large-scale tasks. Durability is always important as well, so having access to the best industrial paints on the market is always a plus that only professional painting companies can reliably offer.

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