How to Select a Cozy Color Palette for your Home’s Interior

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Taking the plunge and deciding to paint your entire home, or even just one room, is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. The exciting part is that you will have a new look to the interior of your home, but the scary part is that you must have an idea of the colors that you want before you can get started.

What if the colors you have chosen don’t suit the room or are unable to create the look you were hoping for? To take some stress off, it is a great idea to hire local professional Orlando painters to complete the actual painting step of the job. This way, all you have to do is choose the colors and wait for the beautiful results.

Choosing colors is easier said than done, but coming up are some tips for choosing a color palette for the main rooms of your home.


When it comes to your bedroom, it is important to reflect your own personal style. Choosing colors that match what you would choose for your favorite pieces of clothing is a great way to get an idea of what colors are best for you.

These colors are ones that tend to suit your skin tone and are generally flattering to you as an individual. This strategy prevents you from choosing colors that could make you look pale or sickly, which is an important feature considering that your bedroom is the first and last place that you spend your day.

You will be surprised by how much a flattering color can affect your self-confidence! Just be aware that some colors are not suitable for an entire bedroom. Black and overly bright colors such as neons and yellows are likely to feel depressing or cold instead of cozy. If you must have these colors, it is better to incorporate them into the room through lamps or artwork rather than wall colors.


Kitchens are a place where family gathers and people spend a great deal of time preparing meals and cleaning up dishes. As a general rule, earthy tones create a warm and cozy feeling in kitchens. Burnt reds, wood, forest greens and orange-browns are all good choices for kitchen walls. If any one color is too dramatic for your taste, having three white walls with one colored wall is an excellent way to add color to a room without being overpowering.

Consider using a rule known as the 60-30-10 rule when your kitchen and living room are combined as one open-concept living space. To follow this rule, choose a dominant color for 60% of the space (this could be your walls or floors), then a secondary colour to highlight the first colour for 30% of the space (this could be a white accent wall or furniture in complementary colors), followed by a tertiary color that acts as a small accent to the overall palette of the room (this could be colors of lampshades or wall decorations). By using this rule as a guide, your room will be cozy and classy without a chaotic feel.


Bathrooms are often small spaces, which means that choosing a cozy color can be tricky. Many people opt for a stark white on black color palette but this can feel sterile and harsh and doesn’t make the room feel any larger. To make your bathroom cozy, consider choosing stronger colors that add depth to the room. For example, navy blues are a great choice as a main color and look great when combined with white accents that make the blue really stand out. However, if you are sold on the black and white color palette, adding some gold accents to your cabinets or walls can really add a warm touch to an otherwise cold design scheme.

Another option to make your bathroom feel comfortable and inviting is to paint all the walls a bright white and have matching white floors with white or chrome fixtures. The color is added by painting all the cabinets one warm and earthy color, such as forest green, and selecting the same color for all accessories and towels. The result is a cozy, yet dynamic and modern bathroom.


A cozy entranceway to your home starts with neutral colours and grey tones. The grey tones should be accented by pale colors as a way to bring a cheerful and cozy vibe to your hallway or entrance by avoiding strong colors that feel overwhelming. The pale colors are delicate and give a welcoming feel upon entering your home. This color palette also helps small entranceways feel more spacious and open.

To get started on your painting project, select colors according to the above guidelines and discuss them with your local interior painting specialists. They will be able to advise you about the colors you have chosen and may suggest a different color scheme based on their years of experience in the industry. The texture and style of your walls may not suit every color and type of paint in the way you expect, but rest assured that you are in good hands when dealing with professionals.

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