How to Prepare an Interior Room for Painting

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Painting the interior walls is a smart way to alter the appearance of your rooms with color. It will enhance and beautify your home without you having to work hard or put any effort. Contact professionals and they will take care of the task. All you have to do is, prepare the room prior to painting. Here is a guide to explain you the process so that it does not affect the painting or any of your belongings.

1. Get few drop cloths

They come from various kinds of materials. You can pick out the canvas drop cloth because they are really hard-wearing and permeable so you can use them again and again. The other option you have is plastic. It is a fair choice because it is tough, but it is not absorbent. It will not be able to absorb spills. If you are looking for the most cost-effective kind, pick out newspapers for the task. You can use them not only for floors but furniture and cabinets.

2. Empty the room

Experts will not want to trip over tables and chairs for painting. Get rid of the furniture from the interior room beforehand so that the task becomes easy and there will be no spilled paint on your furniture. To guarantee that your tables and chairs remain in decent condition, bring them to the room after the painting is over. Another important thing to consider is that you are taking this measure to protect your furniture from the paints. While moving them to other room or the hallway do not damage them. Think about renting a storage unit or storage container temporarily while you work. If there is something you cannot take out of the room, it will be wise to place in the middle so that it does not come in contact with the walls. Be sure to use lots of newspaper to cover all over it.

3. Secure your floor

The next important thing after the furniture is the floor. Whether it is a hardwood or carpet floor, take measures to protect it even before the professionals reach your place. Although, if you face issues doing it yourself, they would love to help. For this task, the newspaper might not be sufficient. You can have to use drop cloths that will spread out through the whole floor of the room. For this, the requirement is professional-style drop cloth to cover the entire room. As mentioned before, plastic is the secondary option but not a suitable one. It is not preferable, but it is cost-effective to select plastic sheeting. The superior option is a professional grade butyl-backed or a heavy canvas drop cloth that will safeguard against tumbles and splashed of paint. The floor will be entirely clean and tidy.

4. Focus on the wall

Are you expecting that the professionals will paint around the paintings that you have hanging on the walls? It is not possible to work that way. If you want them to paint by cutting corners, that would not be a smart choice. You need a perfect finish. You are exerting all your time and money on this project, so if you do not let the professionals give out their best service, it will be your loss. The walls would lack the improvement because of your negligence. Getting rid of wall hangings can take a lot of time, but it is worth it because you can get the flat paint over the surface. Use storage bin and bubble wraps to secure them and keep out of the way. The most common thing people have hanging are the clocks. Be sure that you are storing them properly until the professionals finish the painting.

5. Clean the wall

If you are looking for hi-gloss sheen it is important that the wall is clean or else, it will expose the imperfections after the professionals finish their work. Are you thinking, what is the point of cleaning when it will be painted and look brand new? You should know that blank wall will guarantee you the best results. Murky blotches or oil can expose themselves even though the layer of paint. They will affect the property of the color and change its uniformity. Utilize light detergent and water to clean the walls. For rough smudges or stains, like kitchenette grease or grime stains, experts rely on trisodium phosphate. After mixing it with bleach, it will be able to remove mildew and other fungal stains before the professionals start to paint. Professionals speed up the drying process using fans because they cannot work on a wet wall.

6. Remove outlets

The professionals may not cut around the small outlet cover so get rid of the switch plates and outlet covers as it will look messy. It will make the results smoother, and there should be no imperfections. You can use childproof plastic outlet cover for protection of the wall outlets. For the ceiling, take your light fixture and medallion away.

7. Start masking

Masking for painting is also essential because you cannot take the trim and moldings out from the room before the painting. To protect them from getting spills, you have to rely on painter’s tape. You cannot use newspapers or any other materials in this case as they will not be sufficient. The type of tape you are going to use for inside masking matters depends on the material. Take into account the materials it requires to obey and far ahead be detached from, and when it will be taken away. The masking tape can be effective at attaching plastic or paper to walls. Its breadth differs from three-fourth of one inch to two inches. The material has substantial sticking power and after an hour or so it will be tough to get it off the surface. Another fabulous substitute is the painter’s tape. It is easily removable, so you do not have to worry about the painting.

8. Clear up some space

It is a must that you let the professionals have some space while they work. You cannot make them store their things outside during working. For any work, people need a proper amount of space, and you cannot restrict anyone from using the area they deserve. There will be rollers, brushes and paint cans. You cannot expect them to keep their painting supplies out of the room. Can you imagine carrying gallons of paint from here to there? That will make the room messy, expose more imperfections and the results will not be as good as it was supposed to be.

These are the steps you need to take to prepare your interior room while thinking of painting. You cannot ignore any of the steps because each of them is essential for your home. The professionals will take care of the rest and make sure that your home looks beautiful, just like you imagined. Before beginning any of these steps, know why you need to carry them out. If you are preparing your room beforehand, the paint will be even and smooth. It will be beautiful, and your furniture and other belongings will be safe from spills. The experts know how to make the walls look better than before. They will use the best tools and equipment (such as primer, brush, roller, paint, sanding sponge, etc.) to make sure that their customer is entirely happy with their service.

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