How Often Should I Paint My Commercial Property?

Orlando Commercial Painting

Painting a commercial property is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to keep a property looking well-maintained and to increase its value. The question is, how often should this type of painting be carried out to get the most benefit from the project without costing too much? It can also depend on the type of commercial property that is being painted. Is it a multi-story building or simply a property you are renting out? It also depends on the quality of the products that were used for the initial paint job, since cheaper paints will fade or look old much faster than high quality products. Below are a few tips to help you decide when you should paint your commercial property depending on a few important factors.

Painting a residential rental property

Rental properties are in high demand and potential tenants often have many options to choose from. In many cases, tenants are willing to spend a little more and stay longer in a rental property that has been painted nicely and looks modern. Flaking or faded paint is a major turn-off and can cost the property owner a good tenant. Repainting a property can attract new tenants, but if it is not maintained or repainted when needed, tenants can choose to leave earlier than they really had to. As a general rule of thumb, painting a tenant’s apartment or living space should be done around every five years. If repainting is not an option, a minimum of some maintenance or touch-ups should be done once per year to keep everything in top shape.

Thanks to the new low VOC paints, residents are not required to move out during the painting process. Refreshing the look of their home can encourage the extension of an existing lease and can even cause current tenants to recommend a commercial property to their friends and family. However, leaving a rental property with the exact same paint job for too many years in a row can make the environment feel boring and may cause tenants to start looking for a new and exciting place to visit or live. Changing the paint refreshes the feel of the building and can keep people interested in coming back!

Painting a commercial building that is in direct sunlight

Florida is known for its hot sunny days, which is great for enjoying the outdoors and getting a tan. However, the paint of your commercial building does not enjoy the sun quite as much as we do and will fade prematurely if the paint is of poor quality or if the building is constantly exposed to sunlight. In most cases, the exterior of a building that receives direct sunlight for most of the day will need to be repainted in as little as three to five years in order to keep the building looking fresh and well-maintained. If the building was painted with lesser quality materials, then repainting could be required even sooner! It is always worth investing in quality products for the exterior of your building since fading is such a common problem in Florida. Planting some trees or adding awnings to your building can help shield the paint from the sun, but some will always peek through and cause fading over the course of many years.

Consider the color of your commercial property

Some commercial properties must be painted in specific colors due to branding. If these colors include reds or deep, vibrant colors, then the chances are that repainting will be required closer to the three year mark rather than the five year mark. Reds and deep colors fade much faster and more noticeably than lighter tones or pastel colors, which is important to consider when repainting very often is not something that can be done easily or cost-efficiently. When a light yellow fades, it is far less obvious and the property owner can easily wait a little longer before committing to a repainting project.

Painting your commercial property doesn’t only add value to the property, but it keeps current customers interesting in visiting your store or rental property and can definitely attract new clientele. For rental properties, repainting can make tenants feel as though their building is better kept than the other options that are available to them and can keep them interested in returning to the property more often. The general rule is to repaint after five years in order for a building to look well-maintained, although repainting every three years is strongly suggested for building that experience direct sunlight and for those that are painted in colors that are known to fade faster than others. When hiring a professional painter, you can rest assured that quality products are being used and that they won’t need repainting prematurely.

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