How Interior Painting Can Influence Your Customers

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When it’s time to consider repainting the interior of your office, retail space or just the window displays, choosing the right colors is one of the most important decisions you will make. Not only can the color choice create brand recognition and influence how welcoming and attractive your business feels, but it can also influence the buying behaviour of your customers. Choosing a color that does not suit the buying behaviour that you are seeking may be causing your business to perform below its potential. After all, the colors of your merchandise or furniture can’t be the only factors that influence your customers. Below are a few tips to make sure that the next interior painting project you start has the most successful outcome possible!

Why Paint Quality is Very Important

An important factor to consider before you even choose a color or style is to be aware of the fact that the quality of your paint job says just as much about your business and can affect your customers as much as the colors themselves. By hiring professional painters, you can rest assured that the tape lines, patterns and overall neatness of the job will look crisp and professional, which automatically gives your customers the impression that your business is the real deal and can be trusted. Don’t let messy paint lines or flaky, old paint distract customers from the amazing items and services that you have to offer.

How Choosing Yellow, Orange or Red Can Affect Customers

Always be careful when choosing bright colors, as they can quickly overpower your products or take over a room in a negative way. If you must choose bright colors as part of your branding, keep the brightest colors as accents only instead of choosing such a color for an entire wall or room. When trying to decide between yellow or orange, each color has been shown to evoke different responses in customers. Yellow tends to be associated with cheaper, value products that may not always represent the products or services that your business is offering. However, if you are going for a value-brand image then yellow is a great choice. Just be wary of painting an entire room in a bright yellow, as many people don’t like yellow when it is the only color present. If your target market is children, an entirely yellow room would be more acceptable.

Orange is a better choice for higher end products and services, especially the darker range of orange tones. These tones give a feeling of quality. Reds are especially good at encouraging customers to buy, which has been proven by numerous studies. The key with reds is to add just enough color to grab the attention of the buyer. Painting one wall red, for example, could draw clients to a particular part of your store or office. If your business is related to finances in any way, staying away from reds may be a good idea as red can make the customer associate your services with poor finances, just think of the saying about being “in the red”.

How Choosing Blues, Greens and Purples Can affect Customers

Greens and blues are usually a safe bet when painting a room. There are many tones to choose from and these colors don’t agitate your clients. Green tends to evoke positive and confident feelings in your customers and blues tend to calm your customers. Both colors are extremely welcoming and pair well with white. As a rule of thumb, blue is the best choice when you require a large range of people to be satisfied with the color of a space. It is the most liked color when customers are asked to select their favorite. Purples are a close second as far as likability goes. Adding purple accents to an otherwise bland room can really make a positive change. Keep in mind that choosing the above colors often relaxes and calms customers enough to be willing to try something new or out of their usual comfort zone.

Tell a Story with Your Interior Painting

The unique colors you choose influence the overall experience and memories that your customers associate with your business. Be sure to incorporate colors and styles that not only represent your brand, but those that also represent the buying behaviours that you seek to encourage. Both high-end and low-cost businesses need to provide customers with a sense of confidence in what they are buying and this can be achieved with a professionally painted interior and carefully chosen colors. Asking a professional painter about what is possible with your particular interior can provide you with valuable ideas as well as the expertise to carry out a total remodeling of your business spaces.

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