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If you are a hotel owner, you know that having an entire hotel painted is no easy task and you cannot hire just any painting company in your area to carry out the work. There are multiple steps that go into choosing a company to paint your hotel, including the collecting of bids from various licensed and insured contractors, viewing past work of potential candidates, and ensuring that the company you are interested in has all the required equipment and enough staff to carry out the work. The worst thing that can happen when having a hotel painted is choosing a company who is underqualified, underequipped or too inexperienced to get such a large and important job completed on time and within budget. A professional Orlando painting company can get the job done quickly, within budget and professionally!

Collecting Bids

This is the very first stage of planning your painting project. You should receive multiple bids from a variety of companies in your area, but they are not all created equal. Choosing the cheapest company or the one with the shortest deadline for completion is not the best way to move forward. The very first thing you need to check is if the company you are hiring is both licensed and insured. This will not be an issue at all for a professional company that has carried out similar work and that takes their profession seriously. Hiring unlicensed contractors puts you at risk of having a job that is poorly executed and you will not have any guarantee that the work will hold up over time. A contractor that is not insured is also risky because accidents on the work site involving either your customers or the workers is always possible and as a hotel owner, you don’t need the added stress of being sued for any accidents. The fastest deadlines might not be the best ones to choose, since large jobs can always have unforeseen extra work that is required to do a good job. A less experienced company might not foresee these issues and will not plan for the extra time required. In this situation, they might ask you for more time which delays the end of the project or they might rush through the problems and the job will be less durable as a result. The lowest price for materials is also not necessarily the best option because higher quality materials tend to outlast their cheaper counterparts and this is especially important in high-traffic environments such as hotels.

Job Completion

Painting a hotel requires a larger staff than smaller projects and it also requires special equipment so that the job can move forward at a reasonable pace with minimal disruptions to the surrounding customers. Experienced painting companies will have enough fans, compressors, ladders and trained professionals to get the job done right the first time. When a company has completed this type of work many times, the staff is used to working together and there is a very clear plan in place for how to complete the work, how long it will take and exactly how much it will cost while factoring in enough wiggle-room for unforeseen issues.

Track Record

The next step is to check which companies have successfully completed large jobs in the past. Past clients can give you an idea of how well the project stuck to the budget and timeline and can also help you figure out how durable the work was. Would the past clients recommend hiring the same company again? Painting companies with repeat customers on large projects are very good choices. You can ask the painting companies for references to past work and photos involving a similar size of project, even if the project wasn’t a hotel. Ideally, you should choose a company that has completed both large projects as well as hotel projects, since hotels have their own pitfalls as a project that an experienced painting company will know how to handle. For example, an experienced company will have the right equipment and strategies to minimize disruption of your business and your customers throughout the construction process. Inexperienced painters when it comes to hotels might allow dust to spread further than necessary, might not evacuate fumes as effectively and may decrease customer satisfaction overall. It is worth paying a bit more for the most experienced painters who have a solid track record of quality work in order to ensure that your customers are kept happy and undisturbed throughout the entire project.

Painting your hotel should be exciting, not stressful. By going through all the above steps, you can weed out inexperienced companies that will extend your deadlines, stress your budget and might even upset your customers. Professional painting companies can provide you with excellent references to past work that has stood the test of time and they are familiar with what a job of this size entails. Don’t entrust such a large and important project to just anyone. After all, you need your hotel to look its best even when it is under construction.

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