Condo Exterior Painting in Orlando, FL

Condo Exterior Painting Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL Exterior Painting For Condominiums

Multi-Family residential units, or condominiums and apartments, can be a prime living location for the modern family. The difference between the two is that an apartment is owned by a single owner or corporation while a condo is a unit owned individually with the shared areas equally owned by all.

Condominiums aren’t a bad deal. They offer more room than the average apartment and can be found almost anywhere — whether that’s in the middle of a downtown hotspot or in a quiet suburban neighborhood. They’re usually cheaper than a stand-alone family home and can offer a nice sense of community. And when it comes to condos, often you don’t even have to mow your own lawn!

Finally, you probably have more input about your home if you live in a condo. Unlike apartments, in a condo you get your own say. If you want to paint your exterior in an apartment, you’re out of luck. But in a condo, you’ve simply got to talk to the condominium association and your home, if not the whole residential area, could be getting a facelift before you know it.

Why paint the exterior of your condo?

Painting the exterior of condos is beneficial in the same way painting the exterior of a house is. Firstly, it raises the value of the property and those around it. It keeps your home looking clean and new, and like its well taken care of.

Curb appeal is a great thing for a multi-family unit, especially if you’re looking to sell. That’s one of the first things that potential buyers see and that alone can make or break the sale. If you aren’t planning on selling it is also the first thing you’re friends and neighbors see as well. But the cosmetic reasons aren’t the only reasons.

The painting preparation done before an exterior paint job can locate and alert you to any issues or repairs that need to be done before it’s too late. Moisture causes your paint to shrink and expand leading to cracking, chipping and warping. The sun can fade out the color. The painting and cleaning that leads up to the job can help your home’s exterior recover from these environmental forces.

Who can paint the exterior of your condo?

One important thing to think of when you decide to paint your condo is who is allowed to do it? Condo associations often have rules in place about who can do what and how they can do it in order to keep the community in good shape and you don’t want to be on the wrong side of those rules.

If you are renting the condo from the owner, you should probably talk to them before taking any further steps. If you are the owner, it really just helps to know the rules. Oftentimes the owner has control over the singular unit and the rest of the available area is jointly decided on. This means the condo owner has say over the building and ground under it.

This also means that the association is usually responsible for the painting of the exterior walls. But every place has different rules and it’s important for you to find out if you can paint if don’t know for sure. But if you have permission already, or you’re part of the association itself, read on.

How to paint the exterior of your condo?

When it comes to painting the exterior of a condo, there are sometimes guidelines to follow and you should keep the other families of the condominium in mind as you do so. If there are rules in place to keep the area uniform, a brightly colored, unnatural paint color might cause you to get a letter in the mail.

If you’re part of the association and painting all of the condominiums together, there’s even more to keep in mind. The size, style and existing building in the complex can influence the color of your paint. The surrounding community buildings can also be an influence, because while you want your buildings to stand out, you don’t want it to be for a negative reason.

When choosing the color of your paint, you’ll also want to think of what future potential buyers you will want to appeal to, the look and feel that you are hoping to achieve and the regional preferences of your area.

It is a good idea to listen to the opinions of those already within your condo’s community. It will make them happy that their input is being listened to about the look of their own homes and it will provide you with insight into your community that you might not have otherwise have. This insight can then be used in other areas to improve and bring you more residents.

Professional exterior painters in Orlando, Fl

One of the last things to think about when deciding to paint your condo is who is going to do it. Typically condo associations hire professionals to look after their maintenance needs — lawn care services, plumbing and electrical services and so on. So why not hire professionals to paint the exterior of your condo?

Professional painters are efficient at what they do. And even though condominiums are large and can be a large undertaking painting-wise, they’ll get your job done quickly, and still leave it looking great. They’ll use the best available products and consult with you along the way to make sure you’re getting the services you require.

At the end of the day, when you hire non-professionals, you get a non-professional job. That job could end up costing your association more money than you’ve paid out in the first place. It’s not worth it when you could just have it done right in the first place. Go with a business that guarantees their work and will do right by your complex.

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