Commercial Painting FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

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Painting a commercial space is a completely different experience from painting a residential area for many reasons. While sometimes homeowners take it upon themselves to paint their homes interior and exterior, when it comes to a business property it is highly recommended that you hire a team of commercial painting professionals to do it for you.

The process for painting a commercial space is different because the needs of a commercial location are unique. You need a paint job done that isn’t going to interfere with your day to day business practices and can be done on a tight schedule. You need a paint job that is done to company and commercial standards in a space that has the potential to be much larger than a typical residential job. And you need a job that will stay within budget.

Despite the difficulties of such a job, painting your commercial space is beneficial to your business because it can give it an immediate boost in appeal in a short time with a decent amount of cost. While the appearance of your business is important, painting it can also increase cleanliness and better protect your walls, or help you to reach a higher set of quality standards.

Why hire professional commercial painters?

Hiring professionals for your commercial painting jobs is beneficial to you. Hiring a professional team means you and your workers can go about your jobs while someone else worries about the painting. Sometimes commercial painters will even come in outside of work hours to tackle the job. In this sense, it’s very time efficient. Hiring professionals also means that your project will be done to perfection – this means proper preparation, proper application and a quality finish.

If you hire professionals for your commercial property, you have nothing to worry about. This means you don’t have to worry about fumes, heights, mess or any of that. All you have to worry about is hiring the right team – one that is committed to efficiency and quality.

But it isn’t every day that one in a commercial setting needs to hire a team of professional commercial painters or decide whether or not it’s time to paint their exterior or interior. This can make it seem like it’s a difficult job to do because you want to make sure you’re painting at the right time, for the right reasons and that you’re hiring someone that will do the best work for your business. To help you make it all work, here are some frequently asked questions so you know you’re going about your commercial painting venture the right way.

Why should I paint my commercial space?

As noted above, a fresh paint job can instantly bring new life to your business. It gives your commercial area a fresh feel by giving it a new look, covering old imperfections like scratches and marks. Your paint job is an easy way to project the desired image of your company to your customers. This gives your business a chance to receive a second look from potential customers, making those important first impressions into lasting ones. Why shouldn’t you attract new business with a new, fresh professional look? And it’s long been known that the colors of a place can affect mood, so you can switch it up for different innovative effects.

A well-done commercial paint job can also bring new life to your employees as well – studies show that the physical appearance of your interior can affect employee productivity levels. Physical environment has long affected people’s behavior whether that’s emotional, physical or mental. A place that feels old and run down is not going to promote feelings of happiness and efficiency. Lastly, a fresh paint job can increase the value of your building, so why not?

When should I paint my commercial space?

When it comes to the exterior of your business, the climate around you can greatly affect how it looks. And every business owner knows that the appearance of the outside of your business can be the making or breaking point when it comes to gaining new customers. If the exterior of your business looks rundown and shabby, you’re not going to have a lot of people coming in for business. To counteract this, commercial painting is clearly the way to go, but when should you do this?

The easiest way to know when you should paint your commercial space is to just look. How does your building look right now? Does it look like it’s in good shape or does it look like it’s falling apart? Chances are when your building needs it you’ll be able to tell with the naked eye. If there is cracking, blistering or chalking, it needs to be repainted. The same goes for mildew and algae. These failings in your current paint can lead to damage to your exterior surface and those damages can lead to expensive repairs. Avoid it altogether and get your paint touched up regularly.

How do I hire someone to paint my commercial space?

Hiring someone to paint your commercial space may seem daunting, but it’s actually not that bad. Get some recommendations or hope online and check out places like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s list. Look for a reputable business that’s been around for a while with lots of reviews. Get some references and follow up on them, check out previous jobs to see how they turned out. Get a couple of bids and compare them to see what works best for your needs but be wary of prices too high or too low, they should all be pretty consistent with one another.

After you’ve narrowed it all down, call these companies and ask them about their company, about their process, and about how they’ll work with and for you. Ask them about warranties. Ask them about their hours and how long the job will take. Make sure they’re licensed and insured. Make sure they tell you how the job will be carried out (the scope of the work), how they’ll communicate with you throughout and then make sure they give you all of this information in writing.

What else should I know about commercial painting?

You deserve a company that is willing to work with your company to the best of their ability. Get a consultation/estimation and feel them out. Make sure they are communicative and on the same page as you so that you don’t end up feeling unsatisfied with the job. If you aren’t confident with the company, don’t hire them because your commercial property should come first to them and you. Also don’t just go with the lowest bid because that is likely an indication that something is not being done right. Do your research and make sure you’re hiring a reputable company that is going to give you a quality, well-timed and executed commercial paint job. Make sure they’re using high quality tools and paint so that your job will last a long time before they have to return to paint it again. Ask any and all questions that you have before you do any hiring. The appropriate time to get to know your commercial painters are before you hire them and not after they’ve already taken your money and begun painting your property. Above all, know that if you choose carefully, your commercial paint job will give you definite, lasting results.

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