Commercial Painters in Ocoee, FL

Choosing the right professional painting company for your commercial project can be a daunting task. There are so many different options in Ocoee it could make your head spin. That’s why we are here with a few simple tips and tricks to help make this decision simpler and easier for you. It’s important that when you’re interviewing prospective contractors you keep these key elements in mind as this can make or break the project.

Commercial vs Residential Ocoee, FL Painting Companies

Perhaps you’ve already worked with a painting company in the past on a project at home. Or maybe a good friend has recommended a contractor that has done some work for them that turned out to be a positive experience. While it will be tempting to skip the search for a new company to paint your commercial property, it is highly recommended not to rush this step. As a business owner or manager your painting needs are going to be significantly different from projects of a residential nature. There is a lot more elements to consider when painting a commercial property vs a home residence. And all this starts from hiring a company that is focused on commercial work. While a painting company that specializes on residential projects may claim that they are capable of tackling a commercial project they may be overlooking several important factors that will be important to your project’s success. Consider the scale of your project. Are you looking to paint a couple of office rooms or the entire exterior of a 10-story building? Is your project of an urgent nature? Will your project need specific expertise and equipment? Hiring a company with lots of experience in similar projects will be crucial. While you’re shopping around, don’t hesitate to request a consultation with the companies you contact. Ask what kind of work they typically specialize in, if the scale of your project is normal or out of the ordinary for them and inquire about how they would tackle it. Their response will speak volumes about their ability to make your project succeed.

Minimizing Downtime

Your customers are your number 1 priority. But does your Ocoee commercial painting contractor think so too? Every moment of downtime you spend being unable to serve your clients due to delays or inconveniences from your painting project results in lost revenue and dissatisfaction from your customers. A good contractor will appreciate this concern and will do their best to mitigate the impacts of painting on your customers and business operations. They will be respectful of your operational needs and will answer any questions you may have about how the project can be done in a manner that minimizes the negative impact on your business. An amazing contractor will acknowledge and address this topic without you even prompting them during your interview. This is a very good sign of a company that’s experienced and knows what they’re doing. While you may have to pay a little bit more for this service, the outcome could be very well worth the cost. Consider that there is a cost to closing your doors to your customers so if you find a competent contractor that can minimize your downtime, perhaps they are the best option rather than saving a few bucks.

Insurance and Equipment

When you’re thinking your commercial property is overdue for a paint job insurance may be the last thing on your mind. However, this is a very important thing to keep in mind when you choose your painting contractor. Your business is your livelihood and it’s important to protect it from any undue risk. Painting can be a risky job particularly when you’re required to paint in elevated or awkward places. This is when work accidents happen most. When you’re hiring a company to paint your commercial property double check that they are insured. This will protect you from any liability in case of a worksite accident. Professional painting companies are required to have coverage so if you sense any hesitation about this matter then perhaps it’s best to find an alternative company for your project. Another important consideration that’s crucial to your project is to make sure your contractor has the right equipment for the job. Take some time to discuss this during your interviews. Probe for what kind of special equipment may be necessary to do the job. An experienced, well-equipped team will do the job quicker and better so while it may seem more expensive at face value, doing it properly, with a professional team will pay off greatly when the project gets done on time, without problems along the way.

Your business needs to make a great first impression. A new coat of paint is an excellent way to make that great first impression. As you look for potential contractors around Ocoee who can help you with your commercial project keep these tips in mind. There is nothing better than hiring an experienced team who is properly trained and equipped to handle your project. Save yourself the hassle and the suffering by taking the time to interview your candidates and probe for the topics we discussed above.