Choosing The Right Orlando Painting Company

Orlando FL Interior Painting

As a homeowner, your home is your most important asset. The same applies if you are a business owner. A quick and easy way to give a boost to the appeal of your property is to paint it. In the busy world that we live in usually the best option for painting your Orlando home is to hire a team of Orlando professionals to come in and paint it for you.

Whether you’re painting the interior or exterior, when it comes to letting someone work on your most valuable asset, you want to make sure they’re going to take care of it and do the job right.

Unfortunately, not all painting companies have the same standards of quality. And as a hard working homeowner/business owner you want to make sure you’re getting the best available job for your money.

When it comes to painting homes and businesses it’s important to know that cheaper does not necessarily mean better. In fact, if you hire someone based off of the price alone, you might not get everything that you’re hoping for. If you spend money on this project and hire someone who doesn’t give quality work or doesn’t know what they’re doing, you’re going to have to have the whole thing re-done within a year. Nobody wants to have to deal with that; a properly completed job should last you a decent while.

For all of these reasons, if you haven’t had to hire someone to paint for you before, the process itself can be a little intimidating. You won’t necessarily know where to begin and what it is you should be looking out for, or what questions to ask to make sure your needs will be met. You don’t want to be ripped off; you want to know what’s going on. To help make the process easier, here are a couple guidelines to follow for hiring the best Orlando painters.

Step One:

Check out your options; see who’s reputable in the area. The easiest route to take is to ask people you know for recommendations. There’s always a chance that your friends, family and co-workers have gone through the same process and can direct you to someone they know is good. They could even show you the work that was done. If that doesn’t work out, you can check online sites like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s list. These sites offer customer reviews and if you can find your painters on there that often means they’re going to be a quality- conscious company.

Contact those you’re interested in. Find out how long they’ve been in business and what kind of/how many jobs they’ve done. If they’ve been in business long they’ll have had plenty of time to grow their reputation, which means plenty of work and reviews for you to look at before you decide. If they’re specifically based in the Orlando area you might even be able to physically go see the jobs they’ve done around your community. Always feel free to ask them for references.

Step Two:

Get bids on your project. Keep in mind during this part that choosing the painters who cost the least is not the goal because that alone does not signify that they’re the best. In the previous step you’ll have found some contractors you’re interested in, and called them to ask about their company. Now you want to ask them how much they’d charge you for your painting project, and get bids from at least three of them. It’s important that you have enough bids for you to be able to compare them and decide which price is the best for you.

Obviously prices will need to be competitive for them to get good business, but even still they’ll still be pretty close to one another. If prices vary too greatly you need to find out why. If a price is super high, they could be overcharging, but if it’s too low they might be cutting corners where they shouldn’t be. Also find out if they expect payment in full up front or if they accept a deposit and then ask for a final payment upon completion. If they want it all up front, don’t do it.

Step Three:

Ask questions. You’ve narrowed your options down by getting recommendations and doing your research. Then you narrowed it down more by checking bids and cutting out the outliers. Now to make sure that you and the painters will be on the same page during this process, and that you are aware of what will be going on, ask questions. If you don’t ask questions – you run a bigger risk of ending up unsatisfied with who you’ve hired.

Be respectful and treat it like a job interview – because that’s what it is. Ask questions like will they communicate with you throughout the entirety of the project and how will they do so? Ask how big is their team and how many people will be working in/around your home or how many coats of paint they use and what their process is. Ask if they include clean up in their services or if that will be left to you. If you don’t know what to ask you can always look online, but the important thing is to ask any and all questions that you have.

Find out everything you need to know about contractor before you hire them. Not after. And if they can’t answer your questions, move on to someone who can.

Step Four:

This is one of the most important steps and one that you absolutely need to do. Before you hire an Orlando painting company make sure that they’ve given you everything in writing. Are they insured and licensed like they should be? This is another question you should ask in the previous step. If they aren’t, move on because liability falls to you. If they are insured and licensed they should be able to provide you with certificates and documentation.

Get a written contract that includes the scope of work to be done, where it is to be done, what extras (prep work and clean-up for example) are to be done and any other agreements between the painting company and yourself. This protects both you and the painters. A reputable company should offer written documentation without complaints. This is also the time to discuss/ get in writing any guarantee or warranty programs offered.

Step Five:

At this point in time you should have enough information to confidently hire an Orlando painting company to paint your space. Be thorough in all of the above steps to make sure that you’re hiring a company that will put your best interests first. Ask yourself throughout the process who you trust to meet your needs, who you trust to give you a quality, long-lasting job, and who you trust to give you the best value for the price. No one can tell you who is the best team for the job but yourself because only you know what you need and what you’re looking for. Trust your gut, ask the right questions, and you’ll have a quality team ready to paint for you in no time.

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