Changing Your Office Through New Paint

Commercial Painting Orlando, FL

If you are thinking about repainting your commercial office space to give it a new look, there are a few factors to consider before you pick a color or paint style. Have you considered what emotions certain colors may trigger in your customers? Are you more focused on productive workers than having customers purchase a product? Colors can have a major effect on how people react to your office, so it is a good idea to take that fact into consideration before undergoing a major project. Also, hiring a professional company is best when working with a commercial space so that the work is done as efficiently and professionally as possible while you continue running your successful business uninterrupted.

Business Image

One of the biggest reasons why a company decides to have their offices repainted is to improve the image of their business and to be in style with the latest trends. Brand image can be improved by choosing particular colors and by making sure that the office is crisp and fresh looking. An older office with peeling or stained paint can imply that the business is not doing well or that the business owner lacs attention to detail. Luckily, hiring a professional company to repaint the office space is an easy way to have damaged or aged paint replaced with a fresh coat. Professionals will fix any small imperfections in your walls, so that the finished paint job makes the walls look brand new. A new looking office is a great selling point to new customers and studies have shown that customers and employees are more trusting and willing to spend time and money in a well-maintained and modern looking office space compared to a more dated and worn office space. However, poorly carried out paint jobs that have sloppy edges or rough finishes can have the opposite effect, so hiring a competent contractor is very important.

Influence of Colors

The color you choose for your office or workspace is crucial to how people will respond to your business. This applies to both employees and customers. Some colors have proven to be better at motivating spending than others and the same goes for productivity of employees. One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make when changing office colors is choosing only neutral colors in order to avoid offending anyone. Unfortunately, an office that is only white, gray or black can trigger depression in some employees and can make customers want to leave your office as soon as possible. This is especially true on sunny days where the contrast from blue skies to a gray office is the most noticeable.

Company colors can be a great starting point when designing a new color scheme. Often, company colors were chosen to elicit specific reactions from customers and are a great option when the office needs an update. If your brand colors are not to your liking, the safest colors for customer preference and productive employees are blues and greens. Greens and blues help customers feel like they are making a good decision and can often make them feel more decisive. As for your employees, blue has been proven to make employees the most productive with the fewest number of errors. Red has the opposite effect on employees and tends to make people hungry, irritable and stressed. These emotions are bad for your employees, but they are also bad for potential customers. Yellows and oranges can inspire creativity in your workers and can make customers feel happy and welcome. However, these colors are also used on bargain stores and cheaper off-brand products, so be careful with these colors if you are not trying to portray that your services or products are lower cost than the competition.


A new paint job for your office gives you the opportunity to add a pattern or logo to your walls. This can really change the feel of the entire office and can help you better represent your business. For example, a way to make an office look classy is to paint the walls with a matte color and to highlight the wall with a fine, high gloss pattern. The contrast between the two can be very subtle but it adds quite a dramatic look to any office space. This is a great alternative when whites or neutral color are desired, but plain, single-colored walls look too stark. Painting the company logo on a main wall can also help customers remember your brand and can give your office a more professional vibe. You can use different levels of gloss to really make the logo stand out from the rest of the room.

All in all, having your office repainted by a professional painting company is sure to have great results and they can help you decide which colors, styles and patterns will work best for your company. Brand colors and non-brand colors can both create an excellent-looking workspace that will last for years to come. A fresh, clean and modern looking paint job is sure to impress both your customers and your employees. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional paint company to update your office today.

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