Apartment Interior Painting in Orlando, FL

Apartment Interior Painting Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL Interior Painting For Apartments

There’s a lot that can go into painting your apartment in Orlando, Florida and looking at all of the preparation that has to go in to it, you might wonder if it’s even worth it. You might think you’ll just have to suffer through dreary white walls for the length of your stay; but really you don’t.

No matter where you’re living, you want to make the space your own and you want it to reflect you and your lifestyle. There’s also the fact that some people are just driven crazy at the sight of plain white walls. Whatever your reasons, paint is the easiest and quickest way to jazz up your home and personalize it a bit more. So if you want to paint the interior walls of your apartment, then you should go for it!

When it comes to the question, is it worth it, that’s really up to you to determine. But deciding that it is worth it doesn’t mean that you have to jump through a million hoops and pay an arm and a leg. In fact, if you’re even able to ask this question you’re already at an advantage. While many Orlando apartments will allow you to paint your walls, some won’t.

So if you are able to paint your walls to your liking, why wouldn’t you? For however long you are living there — it is your home. When deciding to paint your apartment, keep in mind that certain apartments will have rules for what you can and cannot do when painting your walls. But you shouldn’t feel restricted by this. Just make sure you know what those rules are before you go and starting painting your walls a bright, fiery red when you’re only allowed to paint in neutral colors.

Let’s get back to all that preparation that goes into painting your apartment. There’s not really a lot if you’re feeling overwhelmed. It’s no more difficult than painting a house, so long as you keep the rules in mind. You should also be prepared to paint the walls again when you move, if required. But if you agree with those kinds of stipulations it’s worth it.

Preparation for painting your apartment includes picking the colors you need, estimating your cost and hiring someone to do it. It’s that simple (even if you have to repaint before moving!). But in case you’re still wondering if it’s worth it, we’ve compiled some easy tips to help the entire project move along smoothly — making it very much worth it.


The first thing to do is to check the rules of the apartment. Find out what color the walls are originally painted so if you have to paint over your paint you know what color to use. Ask your superintendent if there are restrictions on the colors you are allowed to use when painting. If not you can go crazy, but if there are and you have a reasonable superintendent, you should try to sit down and talk to them.

You might be able to reach an agreement with them on a nice neutral color that’s not quite as stark as white. If they agree on a color with you, chances are when you leave you won’t have to worry about painting back over it. But whatever the decisions reached, if it ends in you painting your apartment with stipulations then you should type up the agreement and have the both of you sign it.


Select a color you like and test it before you slap it all over your walls. Please don’t have your apartment painted without trying the color first; your apartment has different areas with different lighting that might not match that of the store you originally saw it in. Put a small sample card or a small patch of the paint itself on your wall for a few days and see how you like it then. Live with the color and make sure you see it in every possible light.

Pay attention to your color choices. If you have a color palette required by your landlord, stick with it. But even if you can paint you apartment whatever colors you want you should still be mindful of what you choose. While lighter colors are much easier to paint over, that isn’t the only reason you should consider staying on the lighter side of the color wheel. Consumer Reports found that darker colors like fiery red and royal blue are worse at hiding what’s already on the walls. With thinner coverage provided, darker colors like this mean you’ll need a really good primer coat as well as a few top coats.

Another thing that goes hand in hand with your paint color and is as equally important is the primer. A primer is a preparatory coating that ensures adhesion of the paint to the surface provides extra paint surface protection and increases its durability. Make sure you have a good primer or a good paint with a primer already mixed in. This will make the painting and repainting that much easier.


Hire professionals to paint your apartment. Don’t hire your superintendent or your younger brother. Your superintendent wasn’t trained to paint and neither was your brother. You’ll want your expectations met and if they aren’t it could cause problems with either of the two. And you’ll be stuck with a bad paint job. If they spill paint anywhere, say your carpet, you might also be out of a security deposit.

In some places you are required to hire a licensed contractor with workers insurance. Check your lease. Even if that isn’t required, you should do this anyway in case something happens. It saves you trouble, and when you go the professional route it can also save you money in the long run. Professional apartment painters mean even paint strokes on your wall and drop cloths everywhere to protect both your apartment and your belongings.

There’s also the fact that professional painters won’t cut corners. Outlets and switch plates will be removed, primer and two coats will be used and your satisfaction will be practically guaranteed.


This one only applies to those who have to paint again upon leaving their apartment, but it bears saying. If it’s in your lease that you’ll cover your paint with the original color before you go, then make sure you do it. If you fail to do so you won’t be getting your deposit back because the superintendent will be using that money to hire painters to repaint your walls. It’s more worth it to buy that single can of white paint and take care of it ahead of time so you can get your money back.

If you did make an agreement about a neutral color and were told you wouldn’t have to repaint upon leaving but end up being told you have to, that’s when it becomes important that you got it in writing. Make sure you have it before this happens and you cannot get in trouble or have your deposit kept.

But as you can see, these aren’t super hard or difficult tasks. They’re actually fairly simple and common sense. So like we previously said, if you want to paint your apartment, it is so worth it. You just pick your paint and have it done. The cost and thought that goes in to it ahead of time is worth making the space you live in your own.

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