Apartment Building Painting

Are you thinking about painting the exterior of your apartment building? If so, that is an excellent idea! If you are not, make sure you continue reading below, as we will outline several great reasons why you should consider it, as well as some excellent tips to help you do so on a very reasonable budget. Painting the exterior of your apartment building can simultaneously increase your revenue while decreasing your costs, making it an excellent and cost-effective project to consider. Of course, one of the most important factors to consider is that a professional team is necessary when starting such a large project. A team of skilled painters that is familiar with painting large structures such as an apartment building can make sure that the project is done well, on time and within budget, all with minimal disruption to your valuable tenants.

Painting Your Building is an Investment

Keeping your apartment building looking clean and modern is one of the most effective ways to not only improve the quality of your tenants but to also increase the amount of revenue you can generate from your asset. One of the simplest ways to do this is to ensure your building is sporting a fresh coat of exterior paint that makes it stand out from your competition and improves the happiness of your residents. Furthermore, keeping your building exterior well maintained will also ensure the value of your property is preserved, not only by minimizing damage from the elements (as we will discuss in the next paragraph), but also by providing you with a higher building value which allows you to continue expanding your business. A modern exterior can help attract wealthier tenants who value the curb appeal of their residence.

Protecting the Building Exterior

Your apartment building is a very expensive and important asset to you. As such, protecting this asset from damage should be of utmost importance as it can save you thousands of dollars. Painting your building exterior is a simple way that you can protect your building from harsh weather elements such as ultraviolet radiation and rain, both of which have the potential to be as damaging to building surfaces as severe storms! Mildew is one of the leading causes of damage to building siding. This is especially prominent for buildings that are located in damp and shady areas and was very common with older and cheaper oil based paints and coatings. These days, good painting contractors will pre-treat the surface and use high quality acrylic paints that contain mildewcides that prevent future mold growth. A fading exterior is another very common issue that many building owners face. Ultraviolet radiation is very effective at breaking down paint, causing the color to fade and giving the building a very dated and unattractive look. Luckily, new acrylic paints have been developed with this in mind. Ask your contractor about the best paint they have access to that provides gloss retention as well as surface protection.

Getting the Most Cost Effective Painting Solution

To get the best deal for painting the exterior of your apartment building you will need to do a little bit of leg work. Luckily, it is nothing overly complicated. As painting an apartment building is a big project, you should speak with at least 3-4 different contractors in order to get a competitive estimate. However, before you do, it is very wise to pre-qualify the bidders first. One of the most overlooked but best ways to save on painting your apartment building is to find out from your contractors when their preferred time of year is. Painters enjoy the stability of working on a big project and many contractors will be willing to give you a good deal to keep their crew working on projects that may be ongoing or more long-term, which they may have more time for in specific seasons. Another great way to keep the budget in check is to be smart about choosing how many colors you will need. The more colors you choose for your building, the more expensive the project will become. Every time a painter needs to make a color change, their process will slow down and add extra hours to your paint job, thus passing the extra costs on to you. Finally, once you choose your contractor ask them to make a plan with you. During their estimate process and inspection they will be able to point out problem areas, suggest the best paint products to ensure longevity and cost-effectiveness and come up with a painting solution that fits your business needs. You may even find out that certain areas of your building may be in better shape than expected and may not need to be painted immediately. The best contractor is unlikely to be the cheapest, so make sure to check that you are getting high quality products as well as experience and skilled workers for your money.

Painting the exterior of your apartment building may seem like a large, complicated and expensive project, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, doing so may result in larger savings on maintenance down the road as well as additional revenue from higher quality tenants. Taking the time to find the right contractor will also make a huge impact on the cost of the project and the final result. Make sure you apply the tips you read above and qualify your contractors before you begin work. While this may mean a little bit of extra work at the start, it is certainly worth the effort and outcome.