4 Advantages of Hiring an Orlando Commercial Painter

Orlando Commercial Painters

Why should I hire an Orlando Commercial Painter?

There are a number of reasons why you should hire a commercial painter in Orlando, Fl. While the list could be quite expansive, I find that the four I’d like to talk about are pretty expansive and cover a wide swath of ground. Before we talk about the reasons though, there is one very important point to note. We could almost count this as the fifth advantage. One of the biggest reasons to hire an Orlando commercial painter is that they aren’t residential painters. Although they make excellent residential painters too. What it means is they know the different nuances and requirements to do commercial work.

Commercial painters can do more, and they know more about products and specifications. They are also more apt to adhere to them than residential painters because there is more at stake. This carries over into all the work they do. You might think they’re just putting paint on walls, but that’s not the case. They often do the same things, but there is an important distinction to be made. Commercial painters are trained to do more. Residential painters are often small-scale companies or start up outfits that work with a limited number of products on a small scale basis and tradesmen with a limited amount of skill.

When you think commercial painters, you have to think big. We have the ability and the employees to handle big commercial jobs on a short timeline. Being able to handle large jobs means good coordination with others involved in the project, as well as keeping up with the schedule. Painting is done when it works for you, fitting in with the needs of your commercial space. In this way, our commercial painters do not interfere.

Lastly commercial painters, being a more established and a larger outfit, often offer more services than residential painters. Commercial jobs can require more than the average painter can do, equipment the smaller outfits can’t afford and the resources at their disposal. Commercial painters are able to provide the equipment, manpower and resources to do the services needed for those kinds of jobs. Now that we know the differences between commercial and residential paintings, let’s get on to the four advantages of hiring an Orlando commercial painter.


The daily life of a commercial paint contractor is comprised of many parts largely made up by their job — painting. It would not be false to say we know more about painting than just about anyone. Painting as a trade means that commercial painters are familiar with information like the best types of paint to use. We know what paint works for which purpose and on which substrate. We know how to properly prepare surfaces for painting and how to correctly apply the paint so that it lasts as long as possible. Often working for years in many different scenarios and types of buildings, Orlando commercial painters know how to adapt and get the job done.

For commercial painters, however, our experience doesn’t just end there. In explaining the difference between residential and commercial painters, we said that commercial painters can take on the bigger projects. This is true. Commercial painters have more experience with projects on strict timelines. We have more experience on services that residential painters might not offer. We have experience in working on large crews and working in tandem with other contractors.

Insurance and Paperwork

Certificates of Insurance are the Norm for doing commercial work. Unlike residendtial work where 90% of the time a homeowner never even ask, to do any commercial work its the first thing they require from us, is proof in writing from our Insurance Agency prior to commencing any work. In the event of an accident, we are licensed and insured so that you don’t pay for our mistakes. Being licensed and insured means that if something happens on the jobsite it does not come out of your pocket.

Another aspect of the experience of these craftsmen is the advantage of having safety standards in daily practice. Familiarity with the process brings awareness of the dangers. Commercial painters know these issues and know how to keep a job site safe at all times. For many commercial jobs, such as pubic work, OSHA training is a requirement and for others a safety orientation class is required before setting foot on the job. Many job sites also require we be a drug free workplace as well.

Professional Quality

A prime advantage of hiring Orlando commercial painters is our dedicated expertise. Commercial painters are capable of doing both large and small jobs adeptly. Any job we do is bound to get word out about how we operate. In a matter of days our customers realize we know what we are doing and they are comforted by our presence, our polite staff, our professional manner and efficient work habits. If we didn’t do a good job, we’d be out of a job. Conversely, if we do a good job it is not hard to find out about us. You can’t get the same quality elsewhere that you get from commercial painters in Orlando. In the way that you take pride in your commercial property, we take pride in our work. Commercial painters will not offer you a job that we are not proud of.

As professionals, commercial painters use the best tools and even paints available to give you a top quality job. You don’t have to worry about supplying the materials we need, and you aren’t required to have knowledge about them either. The best part about hiring experienced commercial painters is that you don’t have to worry about supervising us. We know what we are doing. We are familiar with what we are doing, and we aim to give you a job well done.

As licensed and insured contractors, we would never try to cut corners. Some businesses are not licensed or insured in order to lower their costs, but when something happens it is all on the owner of the space. Quality and professional Orlando commercial painters would not jeopardize the customer or the job they are working on. Compromise is not an option.

Peace of Mind

Let’s face it, most commercial projects can be a nightmare for both you and your commercial location. It’s important to find a team that is up to the unique challenges your job provides. Commercial Painters in Orlando, as shown above, have what it takes to meet those requirements. Whatever the size of your job you can know that we have the experience and the man power to get it done. While we’re working on your job, you can rest assured that it will be done in a timely manner. If you have a larger project going on that includes other trades and vendors, you won’t be held up by us.

In addition, a painting work schedule can be set up that works with your hours and a schedule of values outlining an agreed upon schedule of payments prior. Often times jobs in commercial settings must be done outside of operating hours and Orlando commercial painters can do that. Even if you need to shut down your business for painting, we work hard so that you can get your project finished and your location back to operational.

With all the other advantages mentioned in mind, this might be the biggest one: you won’t have to worry. With your project in the experienced and capable hands of Orlando commercial painters, you know that your job will be done correctly, it will be done on time and it will be a job that you can take pride in. Your commercial location will be that much better for having hired a professional commercial painting company.

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